(486d) Tablet Press Weight Control Model | AIChE

(486d) Tablet Press Weight Control Model


Manley, L. - Presenter, Eli Lilly & Co.
McGarvey, B. M., Eli Lilly and Company

Tablet weight control is a key requirement when producing tablets for pharmaceutical products. Currently the control systems used to control tablet weights by a particular manufacturer can potentially lead to significant variability in the tablet weights.  There has not been much attention given to the details of the equipment control strategies used because the tablet production equipment is bought as a packaged item from vendors. This presentation discusses the detailed control system analysis used to control tablet weights and discusses a model that was built to reflect this new understanding.  In particular, the analysis and modeling has shown that the Compression Force and Weight Control Loops have opportunities for improvement and that there is an advantage to having a unique control strategy for each product.  Results from this modeling effort have been used to identify changes that have been implemented to reduced tablet weight variation.