(460b) How to Monitor Crystallization Processes in Manufacturing | AIChE

(460b) How to Monitor Crystallization Processes in Manufacturing


O'Grady, D. - Presenter, METTLER TOLEDO
Redman, T. P., METTLER TOLEDO AutoChem

The in situ measurement and imaging of crystals and crystal structures has become ubiquitous in many industrial laboratories during the development of crystallization processes. Standard tools such as ParticleTrack and PVM (formerly Lasentec) provide scientists with deep process understanding allowing them to develop higher quality processes for transfer to manufacturing.

In many cases it is desirable to apply the same tools at the manufacturing scale in order to compare performance from the lab to the plant and to continuously monitor and control the process for variability. Such an approach can also act as an insurance policy should a process fail, allowing a data-based root cause analysis to be performed and corrective measures to be implemented

This presentation will address some of the most common concerns and challenges associated with applying probe-based particle measurement techniques in large scale manufacturing.

-       Building a business case for implementation of PAT in manufacturing

-       Ensuring representative crystallization monitoring under large scale mixing conditions

-       Working with plant managers to ensure effective installation, maintenance and data transfer

-       Case studies in industrial crystallization monitoring