(436c) Effective Thermal Conductivity of Packed Beds and Benefit of in-Situ W ALD: Original Sample Preparation Technique

Van Norman, S. A., University of Colorado Boulder
Sorli, J., University of Colorado at Boulder
Yang, R., University of Colorado at Boulder
Tringe, J. W., Lawrence Livermore National Lab
Sain, J. D., Lawrence Livermore National Lab
Falconer, J. L., University of Colorado Boulder
Weimer, A. W., University of Colorado at Boulder

In-situ W ALD deposits uniformly throughout a packed bed of porous particles and particle internal volume and display increased effective thermal conductivity (keff).  An original sample preparation technique was developed for measuring thermal conductivity of packed beds coated by ALD.  Intimate particle contact surfaces were revealed from 3D X-ray.  Imaging in-situ ALD particles confirm wetted surfaces between particles; these contact surfaces are theorized to increase keff of the packed bed.  The conformal self-limited ALD reaction maintains porous properties of the starting material, preserves surface area of the catalyst support, and improves keff.