(420f) Purification of DNA-Wrapped Carbon Nanotubes in Polymer Aqueous Two-Phase Systems

Ao, G., National Institute of Standards and Technology
Zheng, M., National Institute of Standards and Technology

Specific short single-stranded DNA sequences have been identified to show recognition abilities for specific chiralities of SWCNTs from their synthetic mixture. In addition, polymer aqueous two-phase (ATP) extraction has been demonstrated recently as an efficient and robust method for the purification of SWCNTs dispersed by both surfactants and DNA. Specifically, DNA-SWCNT hybrids showed sequence-dependent partition in ATP systems, which enabled isolation of many small-diameter SWCNT species at high purity. In this work, we report a systematic study of designing DNA sequence patterns within 40-mers by mutation of previously identified recognition sequences for purifying specific species of SWCNTs with improved yield and purity.