(420ac) Thermal Management in MEMS/Nems

Vemuri, S. H., Carnegie Mellon University
Jhon, M. S., Carnegie Mellon University

Thermal Management in MEMS/NEMS

Sesha Hari Vemuri, Yu Liu, Pil Seung Chung, and Myung S. Jhon

Micro/Nanoscale electromechanical systems play a an important role in integrating transistor-like nanoelectronics with mechanical actuators, pumps, or motors, and thereby form physical, biological, and chemical sensors This places a range of stringent operating requirements in the inside the nanoscale length dimensions, where heat transfer during operation on the order of nanosecond becomes critical.

To shed light on this issue, in this study we develop a mesoscale level model based on kinetic theory called lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) to understand the nanoscale heat transfer in the MEMS/NEMS. In this study, we examine the effects of main energy carriers at nansocale (electrons & phonons) via novel LBM based methodology. We investigate the overall heat transfer contribution of the coupled heat carriers and the electron-phonon coupling issues.