(420a) Nanocrystals and Nanostructures for Study of Catalysis

Kang, Y., University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Murray, C. B., University of Pennsylvania
Yang, P., University of California-Berkeley
Markovic, N., Argonne National Laboratory
Stamenkovic, V., Argonne National Laboratory

This presentation focuses on fundamental understanding of catalytic processes and development of highly active (or selective) and durable catalysts for the reactions of industrial importance, especially for energy conversion and storage. Here I present a research system that connects fundamental investigation on well-defined extended surfaces (e.g. single crystal surfaces), extrapolation onto nanocrystals with highly controlled shape and size, exploration of interfacial interaction using novel nanocrystal superlattices as platform, and finally design of high performance catalysts in which all the possible beneficial properties from complex functional structures are implemented.