(390d) Electric Discharge Activation of Oxidation Reactions in Aqueous Media

Pommerenck, J. - Presenter, Oregon State University
Yokochi, A. F. T., Oregon State University
Kreider, P., Oregon State University
Alanazi, Y., Oregon State University

Amongst the many ways to activate non spontaneous chemical reactions we have recently focused on the use of (non-thermal) electric glow discharges implemented in microscale reactors.  Implementing such reactions in aqueous media have their own issues due to the high electric conductivity of aqueous solutions, potentially leading to electrochemical processes.  By applying nanosecond scale duration discharges in liquid in a continuous microdrip configuration we are able to achieve significant oxidation of dissolved organic molecules as measured by colrimetry.  The electrical and observed chemical kinetics of these microplasmas will be presented, as will the conversion efficiency of the process.