(345e) Advanced Process Controls Across the Hydrocarbon Value Chain: Applications and Economic Benchmarking

Hamadah, H., Saudi Aramco

Advanced Process Controls across the hydrocarbon value chain: Applications and Economic Benchmarking

The paper presents Saudi Aramco’s experience in synthesizing APC solutions for maximizing value added across the hydrocarbon value chain. The paper presents generic functional architectures for MVC applications for different applications for Gas-Oil Separators, Refining, NGL and Gas processing. The paper focuses on the application of advanced controls driven by Saudi Aramco’s dynamic value maximization approach. This approach focuses on maximizing profitability through dynamic optimization model objectives. The approach addresses APC pre-implementation feasibility as well as post-selection controller model formulation. Additionally, the paper presents performance benchmarking framework and methodology to sustain benefits of diverse MVC applications across the hydrocarbon value chain. This has posed a challenge since universal APC economic benchmarking standards are virtually nonexistent. Along this, the paper presents a customized benchmarking methodology with focus on inferential model quality and controller model economic performance. The economic performance is evaluated through dynamic metrics. The benchmarking methodology will also address synthesizing economic utility factors for standard APC performance metrics. The benchmarking framework is customized to be aligned with Saudi Aramco’s hydrocarbon value chain maximization strategy.

Keywords: advanced process controls (APC), multivariable controls (MVC), controller performance monitoring, model performance, Benchmarking, economic process control


Hamza Al-Hamadah, Advanced Process Control Engineer, Saudi Aramco

Dr. Rohit Patwardhan, Advanced Process Control Engineering Specialist, Saudi Aramco


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