(296d) Accreditation at Rose-Hulman: Lessons from a Recent ABET Visit | AIChE

(296d) Accreditation at Rose-Hulman: Lessons from a Recent ABET Visit


Nolte, A. J. - Presenter, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

This presentation will discuss best-practice lessons gleaned from various resources on the occassion of our program's recent ABET accreditation visit.  In our case, there was a change in department head between the data collection/self-study preparation and the visit years; I will highlight the importance our data collection and continuous improvement procedures played in ensuring a smooth transition and a successful visit.

The occasion of the visit also afforded our department an opportunity to revise our program educational objectives (PEOs), and to demonstrate the manner in which our department was satisfying the recent program criteria revision requiring inclusion of hazards and process safety.  I will discuss the procedures we used to review and modify our PEOs, and I will also give an overview of how we integrate education in process safety and hazard analysis throughout our curriculum, with tips on how to ease the job of program evaluators attempting to document evidence for the new hazard requirement in the chemical engineering program criteria.