(237a) Membrane-on-Membrane -Development of Liposome-Entrapped Hydrogel | AIChE

(237a) Membrane-on-Membrane -Development of Liposome-Entrapped Hydrogel


Umakoshi, H. - Presenter, Osaka University
Sugita, K., Osaka University
Suga, K., Osaka University
Okamoto, Y., Osaka University
Ishigami, T., Osaka University

The biological systems have complex environmentally-responsive separation and conversion process. It is therefore necessary to construct a bio-inspired system. If the artificial systems and biological systems are accreted, it is possible to develop new conceptual response system, inspired by biological systems. Liposome membrane is amphipathic molecule and self-assembly organization and metastability condition, and was constructed non-polar and polar membrane interface bilayer, and was changed phase condition with temperature and lipid mixture ratio. Liposome can design the lipid interfacial surface. It was reported that liposome was utilized for Drug Delivery System (DDS) as capsule, in addition, it was reported that misfolded protein was refolded on liposome membrane, liposome was able to control gene expression, and chiral recognition of amino acid and peptide. Liposome was reported close link with vital function expression. However, there are some disadvantages, such as lower immobilized amount of liposome and multi-step for operation immobilization. In this study, development of novel method utilizing liposome membrane entrapped matrix in order to utilize biological membrane function. In order to subject characteristic analysis and functional evaluation, optical resolution of amino acid was investigated. In this study, liposome immobilized method was focused on direct entrapping method of physical containment method.