(139d) A Call for Entrepreneurship Education | AIChE

(139d) A Call for Entrepreneurship Education


Ogunnaike, B. A. - Presenter, University of Delaware
Dada, E. A., ChemProcess Technologies (CPT), LLC

From a palate of basic science, and a training in problem identification and formulation, engineers have used the myriad paintbrushes of the engineering discipline to produce some true “masterpieces” of innovative solutions to each generation’s most pressing problems.  And yet, creativity and innovation are not enough. It is not enough for us to conceive of solutions and walk away after publishing the results in our journals. From their very first day in an engineering program, 21st century students must be made to understand that even the most innovative solutions can only make the world better if they make it into the marketplace. If we are to live up to our reputation as creative problem solvers who make a lasting impact on the world, 21st century engineering education must include entrepreneurial principles and immerse students in an ecosystem that nurtures innovation and entrepreneurship. This presentation is intended to foster a discussion on the need for entrepreneurship education within the engineering and how this might best be achieved concretely.