(139b) Successful Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century | AIChE

(139b) Successful Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century


Dada, E. A. - Presenter, ChemProcess Technologies (CPT), LLC
Mensah, T., Georgia Aerospace Systems Manufacturing Inc.
Rollins, D. Sr., Iowa State University
Wesson, R. D., National Science Foundation

It is well established that the quickest way to become a successful entrepreneur is to get to know and/or spend time with those who are already successful themselves. Tips for success and getting ahead in the 21st Century will be discussed. Strategies that include inviting successful entrepreneurs to university campus to interact and talk to students on how to become successful entrepreneurs will be presented. The presentation will include profiles of prominent entrepreneurs’ leaders like Bill Gates (computer science) and Larry Evans (chemical engineering) in their field in today’s world.