(139a) Impact of Climate Change on the US Economy | AIChE

(139a) Impact of Climate Change on the US Economy


Dada, E. A. - Presenter, ChemProcess Technologies (CPT), LLC
Mensah, T., Georgia Aerospace Corporation
Rollins, D. Sr., Iowa State University
Wesson, R. D., National Science Foundation

The impact of climate change on the US economy will be presented especially meeting the internationally agreed goal of limiting global temperature rise to 2 degrees Celsius. Global temperature rise beyond the 2 degrees Celsius will lead to many catastrophic consequences including high sea-level rise, extreme disruptive storms, and artic melting. As concluded by the International Energy Agency, meeting the 2 degrees Celsius target will require leaving two-thirds of the earth’s known reserves of oil, gas, and coal underground and unburned with economic impact of great magnitude.