(118b) Application of Novel Reactor Control Strategies for Upstream Bioprocess Development

Whelan, J. - Presenter, University College Dublin
Glennon, B., APC Ltd.
Barrett, M., APC Ltd

In recent years, there has been a growing necessity to reduce the time, cost and risk associated to the development and scale-up of biopharmaceutical processes. The increasing pressures to reliably deliver critical quality attributes (CQAs) and process performance criteria (titre, cycle time etc) across manufacturing and supply scales compounds this challenge. As a result, process engineering strategies, to enable streamlined, reliable and robust scale-up, have become increasingly important.

Within this presentation, novel process engineering strategies and technologies that facilitate the delivery of a robust process at scale will be discussed. This is achieved by identifying and implementing effective reactor control strategies.  The application of novel scale down models, advanced process control and process modelling and simulation to upstream mammalian cell culture processes will be presented and illustrated through a number of case studies.