(115b) CO2 Capture Performance of Imidazole-Based Solvents | AIChE

(115b) CO2 Capture Performance of Imidazole-Based Solvents


Bara, J. E. - Presenter, University of Alabama
Shannon, M. S., University of Alabama
Irvin, A. C., University of Alabama

ION Engineering, The University of Alabama and other partners are currently building a slipstream-scale process for post-combustion CO2 capture at an operating coal-fired power plant.  Through a rational solvent screening process based on several key parameters, we have designed technologically and economically viable solvent compositions that can achieve significant reductions in energy penalty compared to the aqueous MEA baseline.  This presentation will discuss the current status of our projects, selected properties and performance data of solvents and perspective on the market opportunities for accelerating the deployment of CO2 capture processes.