Naturally-Derived and Sustainable Biomaterials | AIChE

Naturally-Derived and Sustainable Biomaterials


Alcantar, N. A., University of South Florida


Cheng, G., University of Akron

This session invites papers on developing materials derived from natural and sustainable sources as facilitators and promoters of healing and regeneration. This session focuses on showing structure/property relationships of naturally-derived or naturally-inspired biomaterials and research involved in surmounting obstacles associated with the processing and broader use of sustainable biomaterials. Some examples of naturally-derived materials are as follows: bladder submucosa, small intestinal submucosa, collagen, cellulose, chitosan, and alginate. Research papers presenting in vitro and in vivo biocompatibility assessments and showing potential for replacing or repairing bone, cell scaffolds, or tissue are encouraged to participate in this session.



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