Innovation in Action: From Invention to Marketable Products

Suresh, P., Dow Chemical Company
Zhao, M. H., ExxonMobil Chemical Company

Integrated product design is critical when product performance is governed by different and sometimes competing mechanisms operating over a wide range of length and time scales. Depending on the end application, product specifications may include properties at a molecular scale such as molecular polarity or at a meso scale such as surface tension or at a macro scale such as particle size distribution. Correlating product design specifications, methods, experimental and computational tools from the micro, meso and macro scales is required to carry a product successfully from the conception stage to commercialization. Further correlating product specifications with process design and engineering is also a key area of innovation. In this session we invite both academic and industrial papers that showcase experiences at all stages for multi-scale product design. The focus will be on innovative ideas and initiatives and we encourage papers that present success stories or failed attempts and share learning of what worked and what could have been done differently.



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