(98af) Impact of Nano-Drops On Solid Surfaces

Koplik, J. - Presenter, City College of the City University of New York
Zhang, R., CCNY
Lee, T., The City College of City University of New York

The impact of nanometer-sized drops on solid surfaces is studied
by molecular dynamics computer simulations.  Volatile and non-volatile
drops of pure liquid, surfactant solutions, and "liquid marble"
drops consisting of particulate suspensions are considered.  The
simulation protocol is to equilibrate a drop made of short chains
of Lennard-Jones atoms, with or without added surfactant (longer
amphiphilic chains) or rigid solid (atomistic) particles, and direct
them towards a solid substrate lattice.  At high impact velocities
we focus on the transition to splashing and comparison with the
behavior of laboratory-sized drops.  At lower velocities we address
the effects of solid surface texture and wettability, and compare
the results to lattice Boltzmann calculations for continuum drops.