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(725c) Multicomponent Adsorption Characteristics of Different Solid Sorbent Materials


Fieback, T. M. - Presenter, Ruhr-University Bochum
Rother, J., Ruhr-University Bochum
Dreisbach, F., Rubotherm GmbH

With the increasing importance of biogas as an energy source it is necessary to purify the corresponding gas mixtures. To the end, the importance of sorptive gas purification has increased significantly over the last years. Main aim for development and improvement of such processes is the evaluation of new and conventional sorbent materials. For this purpose a large amount of potential sorbent materials, different activated carbons , carbon molecular sieves and zeolite molecular sieves as well as the new substance class of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) were analyzed. In addition to commercial available MOFs, a special type of functionalized MOFs was considered. These substances promise high selective sorption behavior.

Presented will be a short introduction to a new developed volumetric multi-sample sorption measuring apparatus, which allows the fast measurement of the ad- and desorption of gases in a technically relevant pressure and temperature range, as well as the gravimetric magnetic suspension balance for sorption measurements with highest accuracy.
After that different comparable measurements with pure gas sorption isotherms for the characterization of common sorbent materials will be presented.

For cleaning and purification processes not only the pure gas sorption measurement but also the determination of selective sorption of multicomponent gas mixtures is essential. Therefore a combination of a volumetric gas dosing system, for gas mixture generation, a magnetic suspension balance, for gravimetric sorption determination, and a gas analysis system, for determining the selective sorption, was used. Herewith the sorbent materials with best pure gas isotherms were analyzed with multicomponent gas mixtures and the results of this measurements will also be presented.



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