(711b) Adsorptive Psf/Metal-Based Nanoparticle Hollow Fiber Membranes for Fluoride Removal From Aqueous Solution

J.Paul, C., National University of Singapore
Jinsong, H., National University of Singapore

An innovative PSF/ metal-based nano-particles(NPs) blend hollow fiber membrane was successfully developed for remove fluoride from aqueous solution.  The removal efficiency of fluoride onto the blend membranes by both batch adsorption experiments and continuous filtration were investigated. The batch adsorption results showed that the membrane could effectively remove fluoride in a wide pH ranging from 3 to 10. The adsorption equilibrium could be reached in 24 h, and the maximum adsorption capacity was 61.31mg/g, which is much better than many other sorbents. The co-existing anions such as HCO3-, SiO32-and PO32- had different effect of the fluoride removal. Furthermore, the membrane could remove fluoride efficiently though the continuous filtration, even in the presence of humic acid. The regenerated membrane exhibited good performance for fluoride removal. The potential mechanism for the removal of fluoride was proposed based on XPS analysis. In addition, the cytotoxicity analysis revealed that the blend membrane was free from any toxic leachate during the application.