(710b) Modeling of Enterprise Wide Recipes to Feed a Data Warehousing Strategy | AIChE

(710b) Modeling of Enterprise Wide Recipes to Feed a Data Warehousing Strategy


Fermier, A. - Presenter, Johnson & Johnson
Harkins, A., Janssen Pharmaceuticals
Kenyon, J., PDMS
Murphy, T., PDMS
Cedeno, W., Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Organizations are speaking more and more about adopting the S88/S95 data standards as a mechanism to achieve more lean and agile knowledge driven organizations.  The concepts of S88/S95 are a great foundation for an organization to achieve those goals, however implementation of the S88/S95 data standards is a huge change management challenge that entails translation of said standards to content, execution and visualization procedures and practices within the organization.  The approach requires a tight collaboration with business and informatics experts to understand the process and break it down into library elements that can be used as building blocks for products.  These building blocks are typically defined as repeatable steps that have a close connection to equipment that is used to transform materials from one state to another.  The first step is how to actually model the recipes to build up appropriate libraries that can help so many aspects of a knowledge driven organization.   The second step is how to build a scalable data warehousing environment that will enable data from diverse systems to link into this common framework.  This presentation will walk you through that process of moving towards implementation of enterprise recipes to enable the highest degree of flexibility and agility in our goals to seek a Knowledge Based Organization.