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(702f) Efficient Capture of CO2 From Pulverized Coal Fired Plants


Dada, E. A. - Presenter, ChemProcess Technologies (CPT), LLC
Olanrewaju, K., University of Iowa
Drayton, R. A., THS, Inc

As demand for fossil fuel based energy increases, the need to sustainably manage and mitigate carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, the largest volume contributor to global warming, is unequivocally necessary. Various studies discussing different methods of capturing/sequestrating CO2, either by separation from a stream of effluent flue gases after a combustion process or through fixation, have been thoroughly reviewed. These methods range from chemical and physical absorption and adsorption, to forestation, Ocean fertilization, photosynthesis process, mineral carbonation and other micro-scale sequestration schemes.  As this study will focus more on the technical options of separating CO2 from pulverized coal-fired plant (a post combustion process), the current method of chemically absorbing CO2 from stream of flue gases is fraught with challenges such as: the energy intensity of the process, limited loading capacity, solvent degradation and the corrosive effect of the solvent upon the process units. While physical absorption and adsorption address some of the limitations within chemical sorption process, the shortcomings still persist in their inability to handle large volume of flue gases with low CO2 partial pressures. This work discusses two novel solutions that address the issues concerning the current technical approaches of sorbing carbon from effluent flue gases at coal-fired plants.  It is proposed to design an energy efficient process that is cost effective and novel solvent formulation that an enhance CO2 loading capacity due to their higher chemical stability and lower corrosive characteristics.


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