(684a) Time Resolved Ion Dynamics in Carbon Supercapacitor Electrodes Using In Situ Infrared Spectroscopy

Elabd, Y. A., Drexel University
Gogotsi, Y., Drexel University
Dyatkin, B., Drexel University

Ion transport in energy storage devices (e.g., batteries, supercapacitors) is the fundamental process that dictates charge/discharge rates. However, there are few experimental techniques that can measure molecular level ion transport in response to an input voltage. In this study, we apply a novel in situ infrared spectroscopy measurement technique to investigate ion transport in carbon electrodes of electrochemical double layer supercapacitors. Ion transport properties of porous nano-sized carbide derived carbons (CDC) were compared to non-porous carbon onions for both pure ionic liquid electrolytes and mixtures of propylene carbonate and ionic liquid.