(65h) Multilayer Hybrid Electrodes of TiO2/Mwnt for Electrochemical Applications

Hyder, M. N., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Shao-Horn, Y., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Rational design of next-generation electrochemical devices requires novel electrode materials and architectures to achieve high-energy, high-power density to bridge the gap between battery and capacitors. Conventional electrode fabrication processes such as doctor blading allows limited control over the electrode thickness and structure at the nanoscale, in addition to the incorporation of insulating binder materials that limits device performance. To address these challenges, we have engineered a route for the synthesis of highly stable, sub-8nm TiO2 nanoparticles that were incorporated with acid-functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNT). Using electrostatic layer-by-layer nanofabrication, we assembled binder-free hybrid electrode of TiO2/MWNT to obtain a synergistic effect from high electronic conductivity and excellent charge storage capacity. These thin film electrodes with highly controllable thicknesses shows well developed mesopores with finely dispersed, non-agglomerated TiO2 nanoparticles on MWNTs. Electrochemical measurements show high charge storage capacity (>150 mAh/gelectrode at 0.1 A/gelectrode) with excellent cycling stability during charging and discharging up to 200 cycles indicating their promise as thin-film negative electrodes for future Li storage applications.https://aiche.confex.com/aiche/2013/t5/papers/index.cgi?username=341047&...