(646b) Formation of Reactive Composite Films | AIChE

(646b) Formation of Reactive Composite Films


Puszynski, J. - Presenter, S.D. School of Mines and Technology
Doorenbos, Z., Innovative Materials and Processes, LLC
Leaming, S., South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
Haines, C., US Army RDECOM-ARDEC
Kapoor, D., US Army RDECOM-ARDEC

The use of metal/metal, metal/metal-oxide reactive or pyrophoric systems for defense, aerospace, commercial and electronic industries have been widely used for over fifty years.  As new requirements were established more sophisticated methods for the formation of these reactive materials have been developed.  To meet new requirements, specifically faster energy release, many of these technologies require the use of nanoscale materials. In the past decade, the use of nanoscale materials to tune the combustion characteristics of energetic materials has been investigated.  The special attention was paid to pyrophoric and nanothermite systems. 

This contribution will focus on the formation of thin pyrophoric metals and metal/metal oxide reactive substrates reinforced with carbon nanofibers, MWNTs and/or carbon veils.  These reactive substrates are formed using tape casting or pressure filtration techniques.  The combustion characteristics of such reactive substrates are determined using pyrometers along with high speed and thermal cameras.  The effect of reactive substrate composition (i.e. metal, metal oxide, fiber and binder(s)) along with substrates thickness on the combustion characteristics will be presented.  Impact, friction and ESD sensitivity thresholds will also be presented for the metal/metal oxide reactive substrates.