(641a) Algal Biorefinery: Production of Biocrude Oil & Byproducts | AIChE

(641a) Algal Biorefinery: Production of Biocrude Oil & Byproducts


Reddy, H. K. - Presenter, New Mexico State University
Selvaratnam, T., New Mexico State University
Muppaneni, T., New Mexico State University
Nirmalakhandan, N., New Mexico State University
Schaub, T., New Mexico State University
Dungen, B., New Mexico State university
Lammers, P., New Mexico State University
Voorhies, W., New Mexico State university
Deng, S., New Mexico State University

We have developed a strategy needed for the production of sustainable algal biofuels with hydrothermal liquefaction of three different algal species. Hydrothermal liquefaction experiments with 10% solid loading of Chlorella sp., Nannochloropsis sp., or Galdieria sp. were carried out between 180oC-300oC and 30 min. of reaction time to investigate the effects of HTL conditions on the important liquefaction reactions and final products. The liquid biocrude products were analyzed with GC-MS and FT-ICR for their chemical compositions, and micro bomb calorimeter for their high heating values. The composition of residual algal biomass was analyzed after each experimental run to identify the biochemical composition of the biomass. The residual water collected after liquefaction was also analyzed to quantify the nutrients and dissolved organic compounds in the water phase. This water phase produced in the HTL process was recycled for cultivation of galdieria sp. at different levels of dilution. An integrated processing strategy was developed for individual algal species based on the values of three products (bio-crudes, solid residues and water phase) obtained in the HTL process.