(631d) A Peculiar Layering Structure and Transport Phenomenon of Nano-Blended Perfluoropolyether Thin Films

Chung, P. S., Carnegie Mellon University
Jhon, M. S., Carnegie Mellon University

We investigated spreading characteristics of polar/non-polar nano-scale film made of the single component as well as binary blend perfluoropolyether (PFPE) nano films. For single components system, we observed spreading evolves with time in classical diffusive manner for non-polar PFPE Z, while polar PFPE Ztetraol exhibits “layering” structure with characteristic “shoulder” above the spreading edge. Different characterization tool (optical surface analyzer) was used in this research, and our results are consistent with our previous finding. For binary nano blend with Z and Ztetraol, results exhibit ultra-thin layering structure at the spreading edge with rapid proceeding and Ztetraol bottom layer inside the thin film. The qualitative molecular modeling results and description explaining the characteristics of the single component film as well as the peculiar behavior found in the nano blended films will be given.