(583fl) Enhacned Performance of Ni and Pt Catalysts Synthesized By Atomic Layer Deposition

Gould, T. D. - Presenter, University of Colorado at Boulder
Lubers, A. M., University of Colorado at Boulder
Medlin, J., University of Colorado
Weimer, A., University Of Colorado

Nickel, Pt, and NiPt bimetallic catalysts were synthesized by Atomic Layer Deposition.  Both metals were deposited with cyclopentyldienyl-based precursors and H2.  Nickel particles were approximately 2.5 nm in diamter, and Pt ALD particles were less than sub-nanometer in diamteter when synthesized on an alumina support.  Catalysts were investigated for methane dry reforming activity as well as oxidative dehydrogenation of propane.  The ALD catalysts showed enhanced activity & stability over traditionally prepared catalysts. Temperature programmed evaluations as well as HRTEM were used to characterize the catalysts physical and chemical properties.