(576g) Discussion On Thermodynamics Needs of Chemical Industry

Mathias, P. M., Fluor Corporation
Gupta, S., The Dow Chemical Company
Elliott, R., University of Akron
Lira, C. T., Michigan State University

Background – A lack of industrial- academic interactions in the area of thermodynamics has been noticed by several academic researchers as well as industrial practitioners.  This could have a long term impact on the future of thermodynamics research and lead to a lack of improved models and good quality data in the future. 

Through this panel discussion, we hope to form teams to develop two documents: (a) Thermophysical Property Needs for Various Unit Operations and (b) Measurement and Modeling Gaps for Various Thermophysical Properties.  Future possibilities include Thermophysical Properties for Chemical Products, Properties for Bioseparations, …  Volunteers for these teams will be sought at the meeting.