(4en) Design and Development of Responsive Advanced Biomaterials for Regenerative Medicine


Regenerative medicine has been emerging as a new therapeutic strategy aiming to understand the principles of tissue development, and translate this fundamental knowledge into clinical restoration, repair, maintenance, and even improvement of tissue and whole organ function for the health of human beings. This innovative strategy has been performed by combining new regenerative medicines such as protein, DNA, cells, and engineered biomaterials. The engineered biomaterials have special significance.

The main goal of this research is to develop polymer-based biomaterials such as hydrogels and nanoparticles with the ability to mimic the natural extracellular matrix, to regulate the functions of its loaded elements, and to function as a theranostic carrier for regenerative medicine. Also, the research aims to understand the fundamental sciences underlying these problems by engineering the biointerfaces with highly-controlled architectures, chemistries and mechanical properties.