(45e) Post-Combustion CO2 Capture Using PAI Polymer/Silica/PEI Hollow Fiber Sorbents | AIChE

(45e) Post-Combustion CO2 Capture Using PAI Polymer/Silica/PEI Hollow Fiber Sorbents


Labreche, Y. - Presenter, Georgia Institute of Technology
Fan, Y., University of Connecticut
Rezaei, F., Georgia Institude of Technology
Lively, R. P., Georgia Institute of Technology
Koros, W. J., Georgia Institute of Technology

Post-combustion CO2 capture using PAI polymer/silica/PEI hollow fiber sorbents


Ying Labreche1, Yanfang Fang1, Fateme Rezaei1, Ryan P. Lively2, Christopher W. Jones1,*, William J. Koros1,*

1 Georgia Institute of Technology, 311 Ferst Drive NW, Atlanta, GA 30332-0100, USA

2 Algenol Biofuels, 28100 Bonita Grande Drive, Bonita Springs, Florida 34315, United States



Amine-loaded cellulose acetate (CA) polymer/silica hollow fiber sorbents for post-combustion CO2 recovery were created successfully by utilizing a post-spinning amine infusion technique [1]. After initial work focusing on CA fibers [1-2], poly(amide-imide) (PAI), fibers were created, as this polymer is more thermally and mechanically stable than CA.  Poly(ethyleneimine) (PEI) was infused into PAI/mesoporous silica hollow fiber sorbents during the solvent exchange steps after fiber spinning.  After infusing the 50 wt% silica hollow fiber sorbents with 10% PEI solutions in methanol, the fiber sorbents were demonstrated to have an equilibrium CO2 uptake of ca. 1.1 mmol/g-fiber in TGA tests using dry, 10% CO2 simulated gas streams. 

Several amine-loaded fibers were assembled into shell-and-tube modules and exposed on the shell side at 1 atm and 35 °C to simulated flue gas with an inert tracer (14 mol% CO2, 72 mol% N2 and 14 mol% He at 100% R.H.).  The humid breakthrough CO2 capacity and the humid CO2 and “equilibrium” uptake at 1 atm and 35 °C were tested.  The results indicate that the post-spinning infusion method provides a versatile platform for ultimate scale-up of practical amine sorbents for flue gas CO2 recovery applications.

 [1]Y. Labreche, R.P. Lively, F. Rezaei, G. Chen, C.W. Jones, W.J. Koros, Post-spinning infusion of poly(ethyleneimine) into polymer/silica hollow fiber sorbents for carbon dioxide capture Chem. Eng. J., 219 (2013) 166-175

[2] F. Rezaei, R. Lively, Y. Labreche, G. Chen, Y. Fan, W.J.  Koros, C.W. Jones, Aminosilane-grafted polymer/silica hollow fiber adsorbents for CO2 capture from flue gas, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 5 (2013) 3921-3931