(436c) Design of Photocatalysts Active in Infrared and Visible Range | AIChE

(436c) Design of Photocatalysts Active in Infrared and Visible Range


Lee, D. C. - Presenter, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

Infrared- and visible-active semiconductors are promising candidates for light-harvesting materials. When the semiconductor nanocrystals are within quantum confinement regime, they exhibit size tunable bandgap, enabling light-harvesting even more controllable. Furthermore, the dynamics of excited states can also be controlled through a design of heterostructure semiconductor nanocrystals. We synthesized PbSe/CdSe/CdS core/shell/shell nanocrystals with varying structural design, e.g., spheres, pyramid and tetrapod. These nanocrystals show varying electron-hole exchange interactions and radiative recombination lifetimes depending on their dimensions. We also prepared semiconductor/metal nanojunction and used the nanomaterials as photocatalysts for reduction of various dyes by growing metal tips at the corners of semiconductor nanocrystals. Interestingly, the morphology change leads to the difference in the tip growth pattern. In addition, the growth of metal particles affects the Fermi level of the entire hybrid composites, leading to the change in their photocatalytic activity. In the presentation, the implications of the heterostructure quantum dots and their hybrid composites with metal nanoparticles will be discussed in the context of energy applications.