(398o) Comparison of Pyrolysis Behaviors of Large and Pulverized Coal Particles

Li, S., Institute of Process Engineering
Song, W., Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Lin, W., Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Pyrolysis is an alternative to conventional liquefaction. The liquid products from coal pyrolysis contain high value chemicals such as BTX and PCX, and can also be upgraded into a substitute for transportation fuel. Particle size is an important factor influencing pyrolysis behaviors of coal. Large coal particles( mm-sized ) and pulverized coal (μm-sized) may exhibit different pyrolysis behaviors. The heat and mass transfer inside coal particles can significantly affect product distribution and composition from pyrolysis. Large coal particles tend to fragmented into small pieces at high temperatures due to thermal stress and inner pressure. Thus, a better understanding of particle size effect on pyrolysis behaviors of coal is crucial to optimize pyrolysis processes. In this work, the experimental results on pyrolysis behaviors of mm-sized coal particles and μm-sized coal particles in a fixed bed reactor were presented. The effects of particle size, heating rate and pyrolysis temperature on pyrolysis product distribution and composition were examined in an attempt to explore the relationship between particle size effect and pyrolysis product composition.