(395av) Amine Functionalized Anion Tethered Ionic Liquid Based Substrates for Post Combustion CO2 Capture

Karunakaran, S., University of Cincinnati
Lee, D. J. Y., University of Cincinnati

Amino acid functionalized anion tethered Phosphonium or Imidazolium based Ionic liquids immobilized on various porous substrates are developed and studied for CO2 adsorption at various operating conditions of temperature and pressure.  The CO2 adsorption takes place at 52⁰C after wet flue gas desulphurization. Desorption from the CO2 rich substrates shows faster kinetics when the temperature reaches 100⁰C. The amine group facilitates the adsorption by chemical reaction whereas the ionic liquid physically adsorbs CO2 by adjusting its free volume.  Thus the CO2 loading capacity is high for amine-functionalized ionic liquid substrates.  In this study, the results for aminoacid- and blended amine-based ionic liquid adsorbents will be presented.