(395ae) Adsorption of Benzene and Toluene in Supercritical CO2 On Molecular Sieving Carbon Using Stop & Go Method

Shinsako, M., Meiji University
Chihara, K., Meiji University
Yasuda, T., Meiji University
Ito, S., Meiji university

Chromatographic measurements were
made for the adsorption of organics (benzene or toluene) on molecular sieving
carbon (MSC) in supercritical fluid CO2 mixed with organics. Supercritical CO2 mixed with small amount organics
(benzene or toluene) flowed as carrier in chromatograph. Adsorbates
applied as impulse used same or different organics mixed with supercritical CO2.
Supercritical chromatograph packed with MSC was used to detect impulse
responses of organics. Adsorption equilibria and
adsorption dynamics parameters for organics were obtained by moment analysis of
the impulse response peaks.

Stop &
Go method was used as one of the simulation methods
of perturbation chromatography which examine adsorption equilibrium and rate. Experimental
adsorption equilibria and
adsorption rate parameters for organics and CO2 were obtained using
Stop & Go simulation. Fig. 1 shows basic concept of this simulation which
was N completely-mixed cell in axial direction of column. If the flow stopped only dt second, the adsorbate was made
batch adsorption into each
cells. After dt second,
think material balance in adsorption and desorption of
each cell within a stopped time frame.

Fig. 1 Stop &
Go method basic concept



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