(387e) Development of Product-Based Energy Intensity Metrics for the California Food Industry

Walker, M. E. - Presenter, Illinois Institute of Technology
Masanet, E., Northwestern University
Hutchins, M., UC-Berkeley
Romanin, V., UC-Berkeley
Lettieri, D., UC-Berkeley

Product-based energy intensity metrics describe the energy footprint of manufactured products.  These metrics are valuable for several reasons.  From an industry standpoint, determining these metrics are an important first step to the development of an internal energy benchmarking strategy.  From a marketing point of view, industrial and home consumers alike are putting an increased focus on green manufacturing and carbon footprints; companies that can highlight their own energy and manufacturing efficiencies may benefit in the marketplace.  Finally, in terms of emissions regulation, the development of product-based energy metrics and a product-based benchmarking strategy is the preferred approach. 

This presentation focuses on the development of product energy intensity metrics in the California food industry for integration with the state’s Cap & Trade program.  The development of such metrics for food processing presents a number of challenges, stemming primarily from the fact these plants manufacture multiple products and may lack detailed process monitoring capabilities.  This presentation highlights the issues facing the determination of these metrics and discusses the strategies and methodologies applied to develop these metrics in the CA food processing industry.