(36f) Economic Analysis and Optimization of Carbon Capture Storage Pipeline Transport Network System

Yoon, E. S., Seoul National University
Dan, S., Seoul National University

Carbon Capture & Sequestration (CCS) is the effective means that can be used to reduce CO2 emissions. Among the CCS network system, a pipeline transport network is the least cost element of the full CCS network system, but the most planning part during the development of the CCS network system.

The research presented here based on the physical properties of CO2 and Co2 containing mixtures calculated. The methodology of this research consists of four steps: Optimal CO2 pipeline design, CCS transport network system modeling, Cost evaluation for model, Selection of the optimal CCS transport network system.

Objective of this research is to find the optimal proposal of CCS pipeline transport network system. This research proposes the optimal engineering CO2pipeline design and CCS pipeline network design for transporting CO2 using HYSYS 7.3 simulator.


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