(36d) Driving Private Sector Adoption of Greener Processes and Technologies

Lindsay, A., Author: Abby Lindsay, American University, Doctoral Candidate

In addition to advanced environmental technologies and improved chemical processes, a green economy will require widespread adoption by the private sector. This presentation will outline ways in which greener practices are spread to a wider number of companies through focusing on experiences throughout Latin America. Most larger companies with extensive resources and access to financing have realized the environmental and cost benefits to reducing energy and water use, decreasing pollution, and increasing water and materials efficiency. Micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) can benefit just as much, but often lack the awareness, financial resources, or skills to increase their efficiency. Given that the majority of companies are MSMEs, reducing the resource-use and pollution intensity of these companies is critical to a green economy. This presentation will look at factors that drive the diffusion of environmental processes and technologies, and determinants required for successful adoption, such as adequate engineering education systems, availability of financing, and policy incentives.