(36c) Green Engineering and Sustainability in the Chemical Engineering Curriculum

Shonnard, D. R., Michigan Technological University
Allen, D., The University of Texas at Austin
Nguyen, N., U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Austin, S., Chemical Engineering Branch, US EPA

A green economy will be well-served by an educated chemical engineering workforce firmly grounded in green and sustainable engineering concepts. The goal of this presentation is to outline updated green engineering and sustainable engineering content for undergraduate and graduate chemical engineering education. The work of chemical engineers is central to the development of sustainable chemical and energy production systems and to meet global human needs. Incorporating environmental issues and sustainability into the design of engineered products, processes, and systems generally means evaluating environmental, economic, and social performance. This presentation will summarize two approaches to incorporate green and sustainable engineering into undergraduate chemical engineering education; i. a stand-alone elective course, and ii. modules for required core chemical engineering courses.  A detailed overview of chapter-by-chapter content will also be presented with tie-ins to core courses.