(36a) Green Chemistry, Green Engineering, Green Economy At US EPA 's Sustainable Technologies Division

Leazer, J., U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Green Chemistry and Green Engineering Research in the sustainable Technologies Division of USEPA’s National Risk Management Research Laboratory is focused on reducing the adverse human health and environmental impacts of the synthesis of economically important chemicals and chemical processes.  Our research focuses on several categories including:

1) Sustainable Materials Management, which accounts for ecological scarcity and resource efficiency;

2) Green Chemistry, which focuses on the minimization/elimination of human health and environmental impacts as well as resource efficiency;

3) Green Engineering, which focuses on energy and resource conservation;

4) Sustainability Measurement, which allows us to determine whether a system is becoming more sustainable or not;

5) Life Cycle Assessment, ensuring minimal impact across the entire life cycle of a product/good/service and 

6) Supply Chain Design, which looks at the optimization and increased sustainability of the entire supply chain of a product. 

These research areas have the common goal of green production of economically viable chemicals and chemical processes.