(359b) Innovative Room-Temperature Preparation of One-Dimensional NiO Nanowires and Their Energy and Environmental Applications

Deng, D., Wayne State University
Meng, X., Wayne State University
Ng, K. Y. S., Wayne State University

Synthesis of one-dimensioned (1-D) nanostructures has recently attracted much attention for energy and environmental applications. Generally, high temperature (e.g., CVD) and high pressure (e.g., hydrothermal) methods are employed to prepare 1-D nanostructures and usually the production is only at milligram scale. Alternative methods for room temperature and ambient pressure-based synthesis of 1-D nanostructures are always highly desirable to drive down the cost and scale up to gram-scale production. Herein, we will report a novel method for the fabrication of multifunctional NiO nanowires at room temperature and ambient pressure. The formation mechanism at room temperature is revealed by extensive characterization by FESEM, TEM and XRD for samples prepared under different controlled conditions. This presentation will also cover the preliminary results that demonstrate excellent potential for energy and environmental applications of those 1-D nanowires produced at gram scale.