(347e) Blood Detection Using Biological Modified CNTs | AIChE

(347e) Blood Detection Using Biological Modified CNTs


Park, B. W. - Presenter, Youngstown State University

The present work has studied the synthesis process of biological modified Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes-based threads for the detection of human blood. In this work, Human Serum Albumin (HSA) has been targeted as an indicator of blood.  A short chain peptide, GAQGHTVEK (GK-1) has shown to bind specifically to serum albumin over bodily fluids and everyday liquid media such as water, juice, milk and coffee.  Here, GK-1 has been covalently attached to the surface of carboxylated MWCNTs through a carbodiimide catalyzed amide linkage, and the binding of HSA to the synthesized MWCNT-GK-1 complex has been confirmed. Common synthetic threads have been coated by the biological modified MWCNTs through a dipping process, resulting in a semi-conductive bio-sensing thread.  The CNT-GK1-thread has also been incorporated in an electrical circuit assisted by a Data Acquisition system, and distinct changes in resistance across the textile fabric were observed during its exposure to blood, bodily fluids and various liquid media. Indeed, the fabrication of a stable CNT-textile capable of detecting human blood over different liquid media represents a useful sensing fabric for the law enforcement and military sector.


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