(337c) Chemical Degradation of Xanthate By Pulse Corona Discharges

Cerda, K. V., University Catolica del Norte
Arce, P. E., Tennessee Technological University

This work is focused on the degradation of xanthates waste used in flotation process from copper mining companies, which are organosulfur compound useful in the extraction of certain ores, in this case sulfide ore. These wastes are often deposited on tailings - pile in areas surrounding the mine site, and sometimes they drain-down. For this reason, it will be useful to degrade them instead of being deposited. A very promising high oxidation technique based on electrical discharges will be used as the key method for the degradation of xanthate in this research project. This presentation will overview both oxidation technique as well as the plan to conduct preliminary studies of feasibility for the degradation of xanthate in aqueous solution. Preliminary results of the investigation will be discussed.