(331h) CFD Simulation of CO2 Sorption Using Solid Sorbents and Fluidized Bed Process | AIChE

(331h) CFD Simulation of CO2 Sorption Using Solid Sorbents and Fluidized Bed Process


Arastoopour, H. - Presenter, Illinois Institute of Technology
Abbasi, E., Illinois Institute of Technology
Gadirian, E., Illinois Institute of technology

Climate Change, which has been associated with the increasing concentration of greenhouse gases, mainly carbon dioxide (CO2), is regarded as one of the key environmental issues in the 21st century.

Cost effective capturing and storage of CO2 before it is emitted to the atmosphere will result in use of coal as one of the major fuel source for electricity generation without affecting economic growth while still reducing carbon emissions to the atmosphere. One of the most promising approaches is use of solid sorbents and fluidized bed process, which currently is not ready for implementation in coal-based power plants. One of the major challenges is the fact that it is still in the lab or bench scale stages. To successfully scale-up such processes, a powerful tool, i.e. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), is needed to shorten the gap between lab/bench scale and large scales needed for demonstration.  Analysis using CFD complements and reduces physical testing, and it can result in a significant time and cost savings. Therefore, multiphase Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) provides an attractive option to study and design of the gas-solid processes required for continuous CO2 removal using solid sorbents in a systematic and economical way. In this presentation Simulation of bubbling and circulation fluidized beds for CO2 removal will be presented Using kinetic theory based constitutive equations and modified shrinking core reaction model.