(307c) Development of Electrochemical Microsystems for Bio- and Energy- Applications, A Story Starting From Mit's Micro-Reactor

Hsing, I. M., The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

In Honor of Klavs Jensen’s 60th Birthday

I am extremely honored and privileged to be a part of this celebrating symposium in honor of Prof. Klavs F. Jensen’s 60th birthday. Klavs has been a role model to me and many of my students. His scholarly achievement, gracious manner, wonderful personality and unique taste of life have inspired most, if not all, who have ever been interacting with him. In this presentation, I will start with a short recap of my microreactor research at Klavs’ group, followed by exemplary research work that could adequately reflect the current status and future development of electrochemical microsystems for bio- and energy- applications. In biomicrosystem, I will introduce new electrochemistry-based sensing platforms for point of care testing applications developed at HKUST. These electrochemical strategies could offer comparable detection sensitivity like the optical-based counterparts and are readily implemented to a portable microchip platform. In electrochemical energy microsystem, exemplary studies in electrochemical impedance and water management of low temperature fuel cell systems would be used to illustrate how reaction engineering approach could contribute to the analysis of electrochemical energy system, e.g., fuel cell.