(305f) Characteristics of Asphaltenic and Waxy Oils

Riazi, M. R., Kuwait University

Characteristics of Asphaltenic and Waxy Oils

Speaker:  Prof. M. R. Riazi  -  AIChE Fellow ( www.RiaziM.com )


Asphaltene and wax in crude oils may precipitate under certain conditions of temperature, pressure and composition causing major problems during both production and processing of oil. In this presentation we review the nature of heavy oils, asphaltenic and waxy oils and the conditions in which precipitation may occur. A distribution model which can be used to describe heavy oils and their residues and its application in compositional analysis of such oils is presented. Methods of determination of asphaltene onset are analyzed. Uses of measurable properties such as viscosity, speed of sound and molar refraction in such analyses are demonstrated.


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