(278f) Accurate Viscosity Modeling of CO2-Hydrocarbon Mixtures | AIChE

(278f) Accurate Viscosity Modeling of CO2-Hydrocarbon Mixtures


Macias-Salinas, R. - Presenter, Instituto Politécnico Nacional
Aquino-Olivos, M., stituto Mexicano del Petróleo
García-Sánchez, F., Instituto Mexicano del Petróleo

A knowledge of the fluid property behavior of CO2-hydrocarbon mixtures is paramount in enhanced oil recovery. In particular, the viscosity of such a mixtures must be known with accuracy for a suitable simulation of CO2 displacement processes. Using the Significant Structure Theory (SST) of Eyring, we present in this work a formal modeling approach to estimate the dynamic viscosity of CO2-hydrocarbon mixtures: CO2 + normal paraffins (from methane up to decane), over wide temperature and pressure ranges (those typically encountered in oil reservoirs: from 310 to 403 K, and from 7 up to 30 Mpa).