(255f) Enhancing Membrane Reactors By Water and Oxygen Removal

Shenvi, A., Compact Membrane Systems, Inc
Nemser, S., Compact Membrane Systems
Boruta, D., University of Delaware
Feiring, A., Compact Membrane Systems
Fox, J., University of Delaware

To improve product quality and reduce manufacturing costs of pharmaceutical end products, Compact Membrane Systems (CMS) has developed perfluoro membrane reactor technology that will provide a generally applicable tool for removing water and oxygen from pharmaceutical synthesis processes. This membrane system has the capability to withstand process temperatures of 110°C endowing it with universal applicability in almost any organic-water environment for water separation in chemical processes.  Utility of this technology is demonstrated in a model reaction that will simplify the Buchwald reaction process used in the conversion of a aminoarylbromide into 4-methylpiperizyl derivative which is an advanced API intermediate used for the production of anti-anxiety drug AR-A2 .

In addition, an improvement in the reaction kinetics of nitration of 4-acetamidoanisole to the corresponding 3-nitro-4-acetamidoanisole which is a key intermediate used in the production of API Esomeprazole has been demonstrated. We will present reactor design and related results demonstrating advantages of water and oxygen removal in above mentioned reactions.  In addition, we will discuss other applications.


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