(225b) Advanced Oxidation of Estrone in Water and Wastewater

Ray, M. B., The University of Western Ontario
Nakhla, G., University of Western Ontario

Natural estrogen, estrone (E1) is one of the most potent endocrine disrupting compounds (EDC) which is of primary concern due to its widespread presence in the aqueous environment and also due to its adverse impact both on aquatic life and potential risk to human health. Conventional waste water treatment plants are not designed to remove it, and most of it remains adsorbed on the activated sludge, while part of it is being discharged with secondary effluent, requiring tertiary treatment for water recycle, surface water protection, as well as surface water augmentation. Advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) are seen as promising technologies for removal of estrogens from environment. In this work, a comprehensive research was conducted to determine the relative performance of various advanced oxidation processes such as O3, H2O2, UV, and combinations of UV/ O3, UV/H2O2,ultrasonication, and Fenton agent for the removal of E1 from pure water and secondary effluent.  In addition to the parent compound (E1) removal, performance of the AOPs was characterized using removal of total organic carbon (TOC) and estrogenicity in the effluent.  Intermediate analysis indicates that UV photolysis produces intermediates, which absorb radiation at wavelength lower than 254 nm making them recalcitrant causing slow removal of TOC.  Energy order calculations were performed and cost analysis indicates that ozonation to be the best oxidation process for the removal of E1, TOC and estrogenicity.  About 0.5 mg/L of E1 degradation was complete within 30 minutes of continuous purging of water using 1 mg/L of ozone in water.  Although, the initial rate of E1 degradation in secondary effluent was decreased by 50% compared to that of pure water, the final removal of E1 was not significantly affected in secondary effluent.


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