(224a) ABET Accreditation: Updates and Insights | AIChE

(224a) ABET Accreditation: Updates and Insights


Lewis, R. - Presenter, Brigham Young University
Ludlow, D. K., Missouri University of Science and Technology

This session, hosted by the Education and Accreditation Committee, will provide a brief review regarding the ABET accreditation process. In addition to briefly reviewing ABET General Criteria and the accreditation visit, discussion will also focus on aspects associated with the Chemical Engineering Program Criteria. Invited speakers only for this session, though the other ABET-related session (Best Practices) will accept abstracts.

This session will be chaired by Randy Lewis of Brigham Young University and Doug Ludlow of the Missouri University of Science and Technology. Topics for the session include:

- preparing your program before the ABET visit

- evaluator preparation prior to an ABET visit

- setting up an ABET visit schedule

- post visit interactions

- accreditation issues

- evaluator expectations

- accreditation resources

This will be an interactive session, with short talks by invited speakers (to be determined after the June 2013 ASEE meeting) and time for discussion with the audience. Confirmed speakers include: Ron Danner, Tom Hanley, and Gary Patterson.

If you are a new ABET evaluator, or if your program is about to undergo an ABET visit, or if you are interested in engineering accreditation, this session is for you!